What is MVC Architecture?

MVC (Modal View Controller) Architecture.

M - Modal – It contain actual business logic for example how to call Function modules, class methods, data from database etc.
V - View - It is nothing but Graphical User interface with UI elements that holds data. 
C - Controller - It communicates between modal and view.
The main advantage to use of MVC is for better readability and re-usability

Why people would develop web site using ASP.Net MVC instead of Web Form?

Following are difference between Asp.Net MVC and Web Form Which lead to Asp.Net MVC.

1. Asp.Net MVC uses loosely couple architecture.

2.  Asp.net MVC use all HTML control.

3.  Asp.net MVC  Enables the full control over the rendered HTML.

4. Asp.net MVC  Provides clean separation of concerns(SoC).

5. Asp.net MVC  Enables Test Driven Development (TDD).

6. Asp.net MVC  Easy integration with JavaScript frameworks

7. Asp.net MVC  Following the design of stateless nature of the web.

8. Asp.net MVC  RESTful urls that enables SEO.

9. Asp.net MVC  No ViewState and PostBack events

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