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What is Angular JS

Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework. It is developed by Google. Angular JS is used to create SPA or single page applications that only require HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the client side. It is basically based on MVC+MVVM= MV-* pattern. It allows us to build easily testable, well-structured and maintainable [SPA] front-end applications. Angular JS does not use Jquery to complete operation for Single Page Application [SPA].

What is Constructor in Csharp

Constructor is the special type of method of a class which invokes automatically when instance of class is created.  Constructor is used to object initialization and memory allocation of the class. Constructor is used to initialize private field’s value of the class whenever instance or object of class is created. Constructor can be overloaded.

When we don’t create constructor for the class, the compiler automatically create a default constructor for the class. Constructor name is always same of the class name.

What are the message exchanging patterns available in WCF?

There are 3 main different message exchanging patterns available in WCF.

Request-Reply - In the request-reply pattern, a client application sends a message to a WCF service and then waits for a reply. This is the classic and most commonly used message exchange pattern in WCF.

One-Way - In a one way message exchange pattern no response is sent back, even if there is an exception. In the one-way message exchange pattern, a client application sends a message to a WCF service but the service does not send a reply message to the client. You can use this pattern when a client requests the service take an action but does not need to wait for a reply.

Duplex - In the request/reply and one-way message exchange patterns, only the client can initiate communication. In the duplex pattern, both the client and the service can initiate communication. The client calls a method of the service. The service can then use a client callback to call a method in the client. You can use this pattern when you want the service to send a notification or alert to the client after the client has called the service.

What is the difference between a class and a structure?


It is a reference type. When we create the object of a class, CLR allocates memory in heap. It contains constructor or destructor. Classes don’t support inheritance. We can assigned null value to variable of class.    


Structure is a value type.  For structure, memory allocates on stack.  It does not support inheritance.  Variable of structure can not assign with null values.  It does not need constructor or destructor because members of structure can be initialized automatically.

What is MVC Architecture?

MVC (Modal View Controller) Architecture.

M - Modal – It contain actual business logic for example how to call Function modules, class methods, data from database etc.
V - View - It is nothing but Graphical User interface with UI elements that holds data. 
C - Controller - It communicates between modal and view.
The main advantage to use of MVC is for better readability and re-usability

Why people would develop web site using ASP.Net MVC instead of Web Form?

Following are difference between Asp.Net MVC and Web Form Which lead to Asp.Net MVC.

1. Asp.Net MVC uses loosely couple architecture.

2. MVC use all HTML control.

3. MVC  Enables the full control over the rendered HTML.

4. MVC  Provides clean separation of concerns(SoC).

5. MVC  Enables Test Driven Development (TDD).

6. MVC  Easy integration with JavaScript frameworks

7. MVC  Following the design of stateless nature of the web.

8. MVC  RESTful urls that enables SEO.

9. MVC  No ViewState and PostBack events

What are the different type of Validation used in

There are following types of validation controls which are used in

  • The RequiredField Validator control

  • The RangeValidator control

  • The RegularExpressionValidator control

  • The CompareValidator control

  • The customValidator control

  • The Validationsummary control

What are the types of Authentication in ASP.NET?

There are three types of authentication available in ASP.NET:

Windows Authentication: This authentication method uses built-in windows security features to authenticate user.
Forms Authentication: authenticate against a customized list of users or users in a database.
Passport Authentication: validates against Microsoft Passport service which is basically a centralized authentication service.

What is a class in C#?

Class is generic definition of what an object is . Class groups together all the attributes of object, as well as variables of other types, events and the methods that implements the behavior of member object. It means that class is a template of an object.  It is like blue print of object. If class is not declared as static class than it can be use it by creating the instance of class. Classes are declared by "class" keywords.

public class Category
     public int CategoryId { get; set; }
     public string CategoryName { get; set; }


What is base keyword in C#?

The base keyword indicates that the base class must be used and it allows to access to its constructors, methods and member variables. When we use base(), we can simply call the constructor of the base class and when we use base.Method(…) then we can call a method of the base class to pass parameter if required. And when we use base.field we can access or get the value of a member variable from the base class or simply assign or set a different one to it.

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