There are different types of attack exists in web programming like SQL Injection Attack, Cross Site Scripting Attack(XSS), Open Redirection Attack etc. and we need to take care of these attacks when writing code and try to prevent our application from these attack. 

We can download Visual Studio 2017 from Visual Studio Official Site. As earlier, it has three different versions and these are Community, Professional and Enterprise. If we do not have Microsoft Subscriptions for Visual Studio then we can go with Visual Studio Community Version, which is free and most of the features are covered.

Recently Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2017 on 20th Anniversary of Visual Studio IDE. It has launched on Wednesday, 7 March 2017. Visual Studio 2017 is most awaited software from Microsoft. First version of Visual Studio IDE released on March 19, 1997 and that was Visual Studio 97. That time C# was not existing and Visual Basic, Visual C++ etc languages were part of this great tool. 

This article will demonstrate us how we can get/read the configuration setting from Web.Config or App.Config in C#. There are different purposes to set the values inside the configuration file and read their values based on defined keys,  we define those values inside the configuration section which might be need to make it more secure, it could be some secret keys or the value which should get frequently. 

Today, I am feeling very to see my article "JSON Data with Asp.Net MVC using JQuery " in the list of "Article of the day" at Asp.Net Community

Today, I am feeling very to see my article "ASP.NET MVC Code First Approach With Repository Pattern" in the list of "Article of the day" at Asp.Net Community.

I am delighted to share that Microsoft has awarded me Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2016 in Visual Studio and Development Technologies.

This article will demonstrate you about all interview questions related to delegate with practical implementation.

This article will demonstrate us about best practices which should be used when working with Asp.Net MVC application. 

In this article, we will learn what is Factory Design Pattern and Why we use Factory Design Pattern with Real World Example. We will see which problem resolve using Factory Design Pattern. 

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