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Dotnet-Tutorial.com is a community for tech professionals like Microsoft .Net, SQL, Oracle, MVC, WCF etc interested in connecting with peers, building their skills, show their expertise, share thier technical knowledge, experience with others. It is a tech professional community where you can discuss about technology, technical tutorials, discussions, blogs, links, and more.

Dotnet Tutorial is a dedicated tech professional site about tutorials, tricks, tips, interview question on programming and software development. It provides information to help programmers and developers. On Dotnet Tutorial doesn’t limit discussions on a specific programming language, technology, rather discussion on various technology. If you need any information regarding site or have some suggestion/feedback, you can contact anytime.

MUKESH KUMAR Software Developer & C# Corner MVP

Mukesh Kumar has been working for the software industry for more than four years of hand on experience with Microsoft technologies, most of them as a software developer. Currently, he is working as a Software Developer at BancTec TPS, India and has extensive experience with designing and developing enterprise scale applications on Microsoft .NET Framework.

His focus and major interest Area has been promoting the design and development using C# to build desktop and Web applications and also cloud development with Azure. He is also handy in non-Microsoft Technologies, but he specially prefers to work on Microsoft technologies like ASP.Net, MVC, C#, SQL Server, WCF, WPF Web API, Entity Framework etc. He holds Master's degree in Computer Science. He like to share his professional working experience, research and knowledge through his blog www.dotnet-tutorial.com .

He is founder of Dotnet-Tutorial.com and in his spare time Mukesh likes to participate in all kinds of sports, and loves writing technical blogs.

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